The magic is gone.

Once, the world was a magical place filled with wonders. Practitioners of mystical arts wove spells of light and beauty and were capable of truly wondrous things. Fantastical creatures roamed through the lands, seas, and skies of Aquimor. Heroes and legends walked among the people, giving comfort and hope to all. Man, by the grace of Azer, ruled in benevolence and kindness.

While the light shone brightly upon Aquimor, a darkness gathered in the deepest places. Daemons, otherworldly creatures of incomprehensible evil, grew increasingly jealous of Man’s dominance. At the far reaches of the light, the daemons prowled the shadows, hunting humans outright or luring them to the darkness with temptations of the most diabolical nature. They twisted the minds and bodies of men and beasts alike, perverting their forms with wicked glee. Yet, despite their power, the evil things were fettered to the darkness in which they dwelled. The light of Azer, created by the faith of His followers, held the daemons at bay. Wanting nothing more than to rise to dominance and to see men suffer, the daemons plotted from their shadowy realm.

Sensing Man’s close relationship with magic, they set to corrupting the power, hoping to sever the connection between Azer and Man. Slowly, over the course of centuries, they methodically worked their own dark magics, planting tainted seeds of desire and greed within the arcane energies. The defiled energies began to take root in the minds and souls of Men, who began to covet the power of others and gathered more and more power to themselves like possessive children. War ravaged the lands and former allies turned upon one another, attacking with the fervor of lifelong rivals. The once-peaceful Empire of Eustassi splintered and fractured from within.

Azer turned his back on his faithless children and the daemons stepped into the light, free to work their will openly at last.

Then came The Sundering.

Aramathea, Daughter of Azer, The Light of the Land, and Holy Empress of the Eustassian Empire; saw the ruse for what it was and had not lost faith. Despite her very young age, the empress knew what must be done. In a supreme act of love for her people, Aramathea sacrificed herself in a powerful ritual that drove magic (and thus, the daemons) from the land.

To this day, some 1000 years later, a testament of her love is still visible. A glowing, blue font of magical energy that shoots high into the air from the center the Empire’s capital, Milendria. To honor her sacrifice, the re-formed Church of Azer has built their High Cathedral around The Font. The Church now protects The Font and guards against the day that the magic (and the daemons) return.

From Blood and Ashes