Creation Story

In the beginning, all was chaos. A great and powerful storm, known as The Tempest, raged in the heavens, unraveling any sense of order.

Then came Galistan. With his mighty, flaming blade, he split The Tempest asunder and, from its ashes, forged order from chaos and created the heavens.

Despite the majesty around him, Galistan grew lonely and so he bore three children: Azer, Shala Uthden, and Gaianya.

Galistan loved his children and wished them to know the joys of creation and so he gave them dominion over the world known as Aquimor.

Shala Uthden, the eldest of the children, spent nine days and nights at The Great Iron Forge, creating a many-faced race from celestial fire and quicksilver. Shala Uthden loved his children and called them Daemons, or The Many-Faced. It is said that these daemons had a great affinity for workings of the Arcane and could pass through the worlds like whispering shadows, but their many faces left them fractured and untrusting of one another.

Azer, in turn, created Man from his own blood and the last remaining pinch of ashes from The Tempest. Men did not possess the raw power of the daemons, but they did display great adaptability and willingness to work with one another.

Lastly, Galistan’s only daughter, Gaianya, created the flora and fauna of the world to provide her brothers’ creations with sustenance and visions of glorious wonder to ease their souls.

In time, Man grew vast in numbers, while the population of the long-lived daemons remained even. Man’s domain and influence upon the world began to expand, and the daemons grew jealous. As men entered the realms that once belonged to the daemons, bringing with them The Light of Azer, Shala Uthden’s children were forced to retreat.

Jealousy grew into rage. Daemons began to hunt Men that strayed from the Light. Some used diabolical trickery or underhanded tactics to draw Men into the shadows, where they would be helpless to the power of the daemons.

The children of Azer would not stand for such. They gathered together, unified in purpose, and marched on the Many-Faced. They quickly learned that the Many-Faced suffered at the touch of cold iron and exploited the weakness. The daemons scattered and fled from the Light, powerless to stand against the Wroth of Man.

From the heavens, Galistan looked down upon the destruction the children of his children had wrought upon Aquimor. In his grief, a single tear fell from his eye. Where that tear fell upon Aquimor is now the sea known as Galistan’s Tear.

Creation Story

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