Fate Chips

Remove Shaken Status

Soak damage – If spent immediately after taking one or more wounds from a single attack, the player may make a Vigor roll as well. A success and each raise on the roll reduces the number of wounds suffered from that attack by 1. For full rules, see page. 77 of Explorer’s Edition.

Reroll any Trait (Attribute or Skill) roll.

Avert Death – By expending a Fate Chip, a character can be miraculously saved from certain doom. The character is removed from play for the rest of the current session, but will return at the start of the next session. The character will no longer be Incapacitated but bearing whatever Wounds and Fatigue he/she had at the time of ‘death’. The character will also return with no Fate Chips for that session.

Can be used as a White Chip

Allows character to roll a d6 and add it to his/her current total. This dice can Ace as usual and can negate a critical failure from rolling a 1 on skill dice.

Downside – Whenever the players spend a Red Chip, the GM gets to draw another Fate Chip for his own critters.

Can be used exactly like a Red Chip, but the GM does not get to draw a new Fate Chip.

Green (Legendary)
Can be used like a Blue Chip and add +2 to the final total

Can be used to reroll ANY roll – a damage roll, a roll on a table, a malfunction check, etc.

Can be traded in at the end of a session for an automatic experience point

Gold (Lucky Break)
If a single die explodes twice (example: a d6 rolls 6, 6, X), the player gets a Lucky Break.

When this chip is used, the player can take over the storyline for one yes/no or A/B decision (i.e. an attacker using a grenade could instead throw the pin. A direct hit to your APC by a battle tank could have a dud round. That guy with plague you just encountered in the woods? He’s got eczema now. The marauder captain who is about to execute you? He just remembered that Dan the mechanic saved his life once in a traffic accident pre-war. The building you are breaking into? Now it has a skylight. So on and so forth).

A player can earn only 1 Gold Chip per session

Just as fate smiles on those that persevere against the odds and accomplish their goals, fate also frowns upon those that cause trouble and fail their desires.

Drawing a Black Chip is a portent of ill-fortune

Fate Chips

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